I sold my car today

I sold my car today. I think it felt good. Sold it for the same price that I sold my Canon. A camera had the same selling point as a vehicle. I dunno if that's supposed to mean something. I enjoyed walking back to my place for about two-and-a-half hours from the LAX area. I took photos on my point and shoot. Had dinner at a superb Indian restaurant in a strip mall. Saw a lot of trash. Crossed paths with only a few people, one calling me a bitch. I think it was because she might have been scared of me. Defense tactic. Or she was crazy. Watched so many cars scream at each other. Smelled death around a few corners. Like small, animal death smells. Or maybe it was human. Who knows. But I did it, I sold my car. I have been talking about this for a year.

Now let's see how long I'll last without one.