July, 2015. Sometimes you gotta' take a break. I took the month of July to hike, sleep, write and chill with some of my closest people. One of them being Erin Granat, who is my precious lifewife/best friend/sister goddess. Below is her rock bathing in the American River near Placerville CA, relaxing and always contemplating. 

June, 2015. This was a test shoot between me and photographer Taryn "Teek" Anderson. Pretty much the first time I worked/hung out with her and became a huge fan of this woman. We've embarked on numerous projects together, but this is my favorite because it shows her light so well. Hair by Jahmai at Goo Salon. Music by Ru AREYOU.

April, 2015. I've had the extreme pleasure to get to know director Ian Pons Jewell. He is a darling gem. Anyone who knows him knows. You are adored Ian. Even cooler than getting to know him on a personal level is getting to work with his talented ass. In April he hired me and one of my best friends Nicky Bricks to help cast his latest music video he was directing. The video was for upcoming rapper Vince Staples and the concept is brilliant. He was sweet to let me snap some behind-the-scenes photos. Below are some of my favorite moments I captured. Check out the full video here

January, 2015. I got a call from my good friend and ridiculously talented filmmaker Cale Glendening to produce his next video for Belstaff and Mr. Porter. We kicked ass. How do I know? Cause we got Staff Pick on Vimeo. #booyah

December, 2014. Got to work in production on Mitch DeQuilettes short film Retreat. Getting to shoot at my childhood home, Sorensen's Resort, was so special. There's nothing better than to share magical places with magical people. #retreat #sorensensresort

November, 2014. Earlier in the year I got the opportunity to direct Ash Lendzion's short film "Horrible Parents" which stars Ash, Heather Morris, John Weselcouch and Larisa Oleynik. Not only was that a friggin' blast, but we got accepted into the Napa Valley Film Festival! But what's even better than that? My lifewife Erin joined us on the journey and vlogged it! Check it out below. #nvff #horribleparents

November, 2014. Weselcouch couldn't get past a certain line in my latest short film, Confetti. Us laughing probably didn't help either.  #ballsonthebulb

November, 2014. My best friend Erin Granat, our new friend James Gallagher and I were invited to showcase our latest short films as well as speak on the filmmakers panel at the ITSA film festival that's held annually in Sonora, CA. Here we are talking about snails, grandmas and a voice on the radio. Pretty sure the audience learned a lot. #point


March, 2014. Lola, Kota and Doe sing a capella in between takes of Lola's video "Shut the Damn Door" that I directed/edited. They're human sorbet. #oohlalola

March, 2013. Morty Shallman hired me to direct his first music video Halo. He also trusted me with producing and casting. I cast my friends Ashdawg, BB and KSong as the rollerskating dream girls. We had a scene where confetti blasts as they roll into the club and well, yea. #waitforaction

June, 2012. This was the first show I saw Ryanimay perform live in. He and his dance crew, Quest Crew, were on tour with LMFAO. This was their hometown show at the Staples Center and it was sold out. I witnessed a lifelong dream being achieved. It was beautiful, overwhelming, loud and crazy. He of course killed at dancing, but he also slayed the keytar. #keytargod

July, 2011. I met Derek when I was dancing in the Beacher's Madhouse show at The Roosevelt Hotel. He was assisting the main photographer who was doing a spread for the show. We had our own mini-shoot while waiting and I asked if we could shoot more, liking his eye and vibe. He said yes and two weeks later we shot. That was it. Until three years later Derek received a call from HBO. They wanted permission to use a photo he had shot of me for a show's opening credits. We said yes, loving the mock up. Two months later I was watching True Detective and recognized my face. The reason why this story means so much to me is not because I made it into one of the most beautiful opening credits of a badass show on HBO (although that's pretty cool), but because Derek and I just did it. We didn't wait around. We discussed and acted upon. I keep doing, not only out of passion, but because it has led me to experience some of the greatest moments, I've met the most wonderful people, shared my imagination with so many and hopefully have inspired others along the way. So, this photo kicks off my moments thread because this is proof that DIY is fucking awesome. Keep on doing. #rockonbrothersandsisters